Come Explore the California Academy of Sciences

Registration Deadline is October 15, 2019

On Saturday, November 2, we will visit the California Academy of Sciences.  This is a joint event for Yale Club of Silicon Valley and Yale Club of San Francisco. 


This is an amazing, world-renowned natural history museum for people all ages.  This historic San Francisco museum, located in Golden Gate Park, today includes alligators (including Claude, the famous albino alligator), an actual real underwater coral reef, an actual real tropical rain forest, a planetarium, live penguins, and endless museum exhibits.  There are docents throughout the museum available to answer questions.  


We will meet at the museum at 11 AM. The museum includes a cafeteria-style eatery with seating.  


Tickets are $38.00 for adults and $30.75 for kids under 18.


Deadline to register is October 15, 2019


To purchase tickets for adults, click here.   

To purchase tickets for kids, click here.       


Please note: Due to tiered pricing, you will need to purchase tickets via these two separate links if you have both adults and children in your party. (Our apologies for this inconvenience - we are working with our webmaster to work out this kink.)

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