Date: Monday Oct 23
Time: 7 PM

Location: Villa Ragusa, 35 S. 2nd St., Campbell
RSVP: Purchase tickets here.  Yalies can use discount code "BULLDOGS" for promotional pricing.

CNN political contributor Van Jones has been hailed as one who tries to “fight the right way.” He draws on his years of activism and political analysis to take aim at the failures of both parties and to show the nation how to focus on practical answers to problems that affect us regardless of region or political ideology.

Join us as Jones shares his blueprint for the fight we must wage as a nation. He asks us to abandon the politics of accusation and set fire to the traditional ways of political problem-solving. Jones will challenge us to change the way we think about politics so we can all get down to the vital business of solving—together—some of our nation’s toughest problems.


This event is brought to the Yale community of northern California as part of YCSV's ongoing collaboration with the Commonwealth Club. 



Van Jones photo by Zach Gross

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