A couple of years ago, YCSV sponsored an event at the Commonwealth Club featuring speaker Joseph Cumming, the director of the Reconciliation Program at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, on the state of the prospects for peace in the Middle East. Earlier this summer the Reconciliation Program arranged for an historical meeting between former US President Jimmy Carter and the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the head of a thousand year old center for Islamic learning in Cairo (see video on Jewish News One TV).  The mission of the Reconciliation Program is to promote reconciliation between Muslims and Christians. Historically pioneers of interfaith dialogue have come from the "progressive" wings of each faith tradiation rather than the more "traditional" corners.  However the Reconciliation Program explicitly seeks to connect leaders from the full spectrum of each community.  For more information about the Reconciliation Program you can go to yale.edu/faith/rp/rp.htm.  The Reconciliation Program is housed in the Yale Divinity School but is wholly funded via external contributions.  An anonymous Yale alum has established a matching fund for contributions made to this program.  For information about how to make a donation to the program please go to www.yale.edu/faith/about/donate.

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